Making a bequest When you leave a gift in your Will to Mercedes College, you leave a lasting legacy.

A bequest in your Will to Mercedes College serves as a lasting legacy, supporting current and future students in the years ahead.

However large or small, consider leaving a gift in your Will to Mercedes College.

Through your bequest you will be welcomed to The Strathspey Society, a special group of people, including old scholars and friends, who include Mercedes College as part of their estate planning.

The Strathspey Society specifically honours and recognises those who have generously remembered Mercedes College in this way, and acknowledges the pivotal role each member plays in a future as visionary as those of our founders.

All members receive invitations to special events at Mercedes College.

Bequest Ambassador, Catherine Alcock

Bequest Ambassador and former Principal of Mercedes College, Catherine Alcock (1998-2004),
has decided to make a bequest to Mercedes College in her Will.

Catherine’s passion for Mercedes College, the Mercy tradition and values, coupled with her immense gratitude for the close and genuine connections with members of our community, remain evident.

As a former Principal, Catherine has a unique insight and understanding of governance, operations, future planning, and the importance of stewardship at Mercedes College.

“As a community, it is so important that we continue to build on what people in the past have given, by providing opportunities for the community to support Mercedes College for future generations.”

Catherine’s bequest to Mercedes College is inspirational. Her sense of responsibility and awareness of what it is to lead a school and community such as ours, has enabled her to see what it is to give and create an ongoing legacy to support Mercedes College continue to thrive in the years ahead.

If you would like further information about leaving a gift in your Will to Mercedes College, please contact the Development Office for a discussion about how you can do this.

Leaving a gift in your Will

Your gift to Mercedes College can be made through your Will in a variety of ways:

  • cash
  • a residual percentage of an estate
  • an asset within your estate
  • property
  • art or other gift.

In preparing your bequest within your Will, we recommend you consult with a legal adviser. This ensures your gift is available for non-specific or restricitve purposes and that tax considerations have been addressed. It's also a good idea to speak with you family so they understand your wishes.