Giving to Mercedes College Every donation is valued at Mercedes College.

Donate to our 2023 Annual Giving Tally

Our founding Mercy Sisters had the vision and foresight to establish Mercedes College, creating a beautiful learning environment for future generations.

To further their legacy, we’re asking you to donate to our Annual Giving Tally.

All funds raised are reinvested in projects and initiatives that benefit Mercedes College students.

For donations of $500 or more, an individual plaque acknowledging your support will form a Feature Wall within our new Arts and Sports Precinct.

Donate now

Mercedes College Partner | The Athletes Foot (Burnside)

It’s as easy as heading to Burnside Village and  shopping at The Athletes Foot, who donate $5 from every school and/or sports shoe sale to Mercedes College – just let them know you’re part of our community.

Thank you

During Mercedes College’s rich history, development across our campus has been made possible by the generosity of parents, old collegians, our team and wider community.

Projects and ongoing investment in student learning is made possible each year by the generosity of many, and a strong tradition of community support.

Thank you to everyone who supports us.

At Mercedes College, everyone can support continued excellence, benefiting our students of today and tomorrow.

With a proud history of giving, our community's kindness is visible across our campus.

Through ongoing investment, we will continue to provide students with rich learning experiences and opportunities to flourish.