We invite you to join The Strathspey Society.

Bequests: Remembering Mercedes – The Strathspey Society

We invite you to join The Strathspey Society. 

A bequest in your Will to Mercedes College is a lasting way to support the current and future generations of Mercedes students. It has the power to transform individual lives and whole communities for years to come. A bequest will represent the lasting effect the Mercedes community left on your own life and serve as an ongoing testimony to your values.

However large or small, we invite you to consider leaving a gift in your Will to Mercedes College. By doing so you will be welcomed to The Strathspey Society, a special group of old scholars and friends of Mercedes who have included the College as part of their estate planning.

The Society specifically honours and recognises those who have generously remembered the College in this way and acknowledges the pivotal role that The Strathspey Society members play in securing the future of the College.

As a member you will receive invitations to special events at the College as well as a membership pin.

Please see the Strathspey Society brochure below for more details. Enter fullscreen for the best viewing experience. 

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will, please contact the Director of Marketing and Development on 8372 3200 or mercedes@mercedes.catholic.edu.au for a confidential discussion about the different ways in which you are able to support the College.