The spirit of shared experiences brings together generations of the Mercedes Community and continues to be a strong element of our culture.

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Annual Giving 2020

We have embraced returning to the “new normal” at Mercedes College as we adapt to a COVID-safe environment together. This has seen us return to face-to-face learning in the classroom and some extra-curricular programmes this term, and we look forward to resuming more activities in Term 3. 

This return to a more familiar structure came after we developed and delivered a complete online curriculum to enable students to learn from home towards the end of Term 1. We thank our parents and caregivers, who played a critical role in enabling their children to continue their education with minimal interruptions – many even refreshed their own knowledge of some subjects.

We also commend our students, who have been very resilient and willing to adapt to new methods of learning. It certainly has not been a normal school year for them. In particular, this is not how our Year 12 students envisioned 2020, but they have all embraced and accepted the new normal, and are up for the challenge as they begin the second half of the year.

While we are proud of how all members of our community have conducted themselves in this uncertain environment, we are aware of the financial implications of COVID-19. In this year’s Annual Giving, we are providing the opportunity to support fee relief for families and students affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alternatively, as normal fundraising activities have not been possible this year, we ask you to consider making a tax deductible donation to the College Building Fund. This assists us to continue to improve and maintain facilities essential to the education of our students.

It takes the collective annual support of parents, friends, students, old scholars and staff to make a school like Mercedes a world class College. By donating an annual gift to the Building Fund, you directly support the development of facilities essential to education. Just as your child has benefited from past generosity, your contribution will benefit students today and into the future. By donating to the COVID-19 Fee Relief Fund, you are directly supporting fee remissions for families financially affected by the pandemic.

COVID-19 Fee Relief Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on all of us in many different ways, and we are aware of the financial stress it has caused some families. We do not want anyone in our community to worry about how they will pay school fees because of the pandemic, so the College has offered fee remissions to all families impacted directly by COVID-19.

Fee remissions have initially been granted for four months as we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our community. Further remissions will be reviewed as the current situation unfolds.

This is an unexpected financial burden for the College, but one we have chosen to bear to support our students and their families. We are seeking donations to assist us to support our families with fee remissions. 

Donations to the COVID-19 Fee Relief Fund are not tax deductible.

Building Fund

We have a wonderful history of community giving, and gratefully appreciate all donations of any size to the Building Fund. By donating an annual gift to the Building Fund, you directly support the development of facilities essential to education.

Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support.

Andrew Balkwill