The spirit of shared experiences brings together generations of the Mercedes Community and continues to be a strong element of our culture.

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Mercedes College is built upon the generous contributions of parents, friends, students, staff and old scholars. Annual Giving offers every member of our community an opportunity to make a contribution towards the future of the College.

We are currently moving towards the development of our High Performance Centre. We have spent the past year consulting with our neighbours to ensure they are involved from the beginning of the project, as their input is valuable to us. This is an important step in the development and approval of our Master Plan, which is a requirement to undertake a project of this size.   

The High Performance Centre is planned to be a multipurpose venue and will be a space for our entire school to meet. Gleeson Hall has served us well since 1987, but we outgrew it several years ago and currently don’t have a facility large enough for the entire Reception to Year 12 student cohort to convene in one place. As a single campus College, we need a space large enough for the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools to come together. We also need to ensure we continue to update and innovate our facilities to best suit our students’ academic and extra-curricular pursuits now and into the future. Part of the project is aimed at improving parking, which will make the College safer for students and provide new learning areas.

Over the next 12 months we will continue to visit schools that have completed similar projects so we can learn from their experiences and ensure we have considered all options available to us. We will develop a number of concept drawings, and pending the approval of our Master Plan, intend to start the development process.

While this large project is in the works, we will continue to maintain and upgrade our other facilities. Our goal is to create contemporary, flexible and motivating learning areas for our students and teachers, with a focus on digital learning. Across the College our students have recently been provided with opportunities to explore the fields of robotics, virtual reality and coding, which are proving to be extremely popular, in addition to the subjects offered through the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes and South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

It takes the collective annual support of parents, friends, students, old scholars and staff to make a school like Mercedes a world class College.

Please join us in making a gift; your contribution, big or small, will give our children a wonderful opportunity to develop beyond the classroom. We are able to accept one off donations, monthly payments for the next year and pledges over a number of years.

Thank you for your continued support.

Andrew Balkwill

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