Deciding to make a philanthropic gift is a personal decision. For this reason, I am delighted to offer you a choice as I invite you to consider supporting one of three gift options for our 2021 Annual Giving Programme.

Donate to Mercedes College - Annual Giving Projects for 2021

Deciding to make a philanthropic gift is a personal decision. What interests one donor, may not appeal to another. For this reason, I am delighted to offer you a choice as I invite you to consider supporting one of three gift options for our 2021 Annual Giving Programme.

During Mercedes College’s 67-year history, much development has been made possible by the generosity of old scholars, current and past parents, staff members, and friends of the College supporting our Annual Giving Programme. In order to provide funds for modest and achievable projects each year, Mercedes relies on the appreciated tradition of community support.

As a member of the Mercedes College community, I invite you to consider our three options and join me in making a gift to our 2021 Annual Giving Programme. I look forward to acknowledging all donors for their support in the second edition of the Fleur de Lis newsletter this year.

Andrew Balkwill

Student Mentoring Programme (formerly LAP)

“My mentor, Anne, and Mrs Penhall helped me to develop into the person I am today. They helped me identify my strengths and build on my weaknesses. They weren’t just tutors and they weren’t just friends. They were family, and I can’t thank them enough.” - Charmaine Kuhn (Class of 2002)

37 years ago, The Learning Assistance Programme (LAP) was established at Mercedes College. It has now evolved into the Student Mentoring Programme (SMP). The focus remains true to the origins where student wellbeing and the one-on-one connection between a student and their mentor is at the heart of the programme. It is a proven philosophy.

In 2021, 69 dedicated Year 12 students and 30 community volunteers give their time as SMP mentors. They appear like a light in the life of our students for which we are forever thankful.

Please join us in supporting and celebrating SMP at Mercedes College. Donations will go directly into the programme for resources that will enhance the experiences for our students and their mentors.

Year 12 Café Refurbishment (tax-deductible)

Following the successful completion of our refurbished and expanded Senior Study space, we now have the opportunity to leverage the adjacent outdoor space. We are planning a well-designed refit of the existing Year 12 Café, enhancing the usability of this outdoor space throughout the year. To proceed with this project, we need philanthropic support from the Mercedes College community.

Your gift will go towards:

  • Weather proofing and heating; visually and physically connecting the indoors and outdoors.
  • Updating the outdoor furniture and paving; creating an environment that our senior students want to be a part of, strengthening student pride and the feeling of belonging.
  • Installation of a filtered/boiling water tap, coffee machine and microwaves; aiding the transition into university or work, with senior students able to enjoy a more relaxed café style environment.

While this project will directly benefit our Year 12 students, all students progressing through the College will benefit in their senior years. We thank you for your support.

Mercedes College Old Scholars’ Association (MOSA) Scholarship

Receiving a scholarship can change a life! Just ask old scholar Jack Heath (Class of 2013): “I received a scholarship from the College and the opportunities Mercedes provided have made me the person I am today. Since graduating, I have followed my dream career of joining SAPOL. I am thrilled to continue my association with Mercedes through coaching and participating in the MOSA Career Mentoring Programme.”

Scholarships can have a profound and lasting effect on a young person. It has long been the goal for MOSA to establish a scholarship. In 2020, MOSA realised this dream, awarding the inaugural MOSA scholarship. It enables a student, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to come to Mercedes College to complete Years 10-12.

Please join us in making a donation to the MOSA scholarship. Your support can change the life of a young person and provide them with the opportunities that come with being part of the Mercedes community.