Mercedes is passionate about ecological sustainability.

Energy Management

Energy management has been a key focus for the College since 2005 when an energy management system was put in place. This successfully reduced the College's energy consumption (Mercedes uses 40% less energy than a comparable size school).

In 2014 an Energy Master Plan was commissioned with Programmed that looked in detail at energy use profiles, hours of operation, energy use by asset and location along with usage trends and proposed solutions entering into a Power Partnership Agreement with Tindo Solar to provide 100kw of solar power at a disclosed and fixed cost for the power generated from the system over the next 10 years.  This Power Partnership Agreement is one of, if not the first within a school in Australia.

The College is continuing to benefit from the power partnership agreement. The solar array is generating 7-15% of our power needs, helping the College to manage its peak demand. In 2016 the College plans to implement improved finer grained energy monitoring. This will allow us to continuously identify and improve the energy consumption of various parts of the College in a more targeted manner.

Mercedes is passionate about ecological sustainability and want to be a leader in actively minimising our carbon footprint. These important initiatives add to our previous major water retention project developed in 2009.