The Strategic Plan is the result of extensive community feedback adopted for the successful review by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Strategic Planning and Performance

The Principal and the College Council of Mercedes College are pleased to commend to you the Strategic Plan 2013 -2017.

This Strategic Plan is the result of the result of the extensive community feedback process that was adopted for the successful Accreditation review of the College by the Council of International Schools (CIS) in 2012. The College undertook a CIS preliminary visit in 2015 with another self-study review scheduled in 2017. The Strategic Plan aims to build upon the College's achievements and distinguishing qualities of the past, as well as to position ourselves to best meet the challenges of the future. In this way we will continue to forge our reputation as a Catholic College of excellence that is committed to providing a quality Mercy education to all members of our community.

Annual School Plan

Planning for 2013-2017 is guided by the College's Vision Statement and the Guiding Principles which are the drivers of the revised Strategic Plan 2013-2017. The plan does not represent the totality of work at the College but rather focusses more on the new directions that are planned. Much ongoing work occurs on an annual basis.

To view the Annual College Plan please click here.

Annual School Performance Report

The 2016 Annual School Performance Report is a valuable document not just for the Mercedes College community but also for our wider community and Government.

Much of the content of this report is organised to ensure that it satisfies requirements under the Commonwealth Schools Assistance Act 2004. The Government requires all schools to publish this report in two forms, published on the College website and as a hard copy upon request from Strathspey Reception.

To view the 2016 Annual School Performance Report please click here.